There's a Facebook group called Oxford Hills Posts and Pictures From Local Papers run by Chuck Martin who posts vintage pictures from the Oxford Hills area, typically from the Advertiser Democrat. Well Chuck found a gem from July 9, 1981 with me in the photo. Can you spot me at age 10?

Back in the 80s the Advertiser would publish lots of events around town and this day they went to Oxford Hills Junior High School, back before it was called Middle School, to take a picture of kids in the summer basketball program, including me.

Advertiser Democrat
Advertiser Democrat

Long time football and basketball coach for Oxford Hills, Bob Fallon, was teaching us how to play. He recently passed away in December, but I distinctly remember him teaching us how to shoot a layup, something that seems like a lost art in the sport today.

He said to dribble in from the right and aim for the corner of the square on the backboard, and sure enough, when you hit it, it went in. I'm pretty sure this is what we were doing in this photo. I was 10-years-old at the time.

Have you figured out which one is me yet?

I'm #34, the only person wearing a jersey with a number on it because my mom seemed to think I needed a generic football jersey to play basketball. And check out those socks. Could they possibly go any higher? I loved the 80s, but some of the fashion was questionable at best.

And why is my mouth wide open the moment the photographer snapped the photo? Flattering.

I never went on to play basketball beyond a couple of years of these skills programs. Surprise! Playing sports was not my thing. I gave up after 8th grade football when I got tired of getting knocked on my butt and yelled at by the coach over and over and over again. And no. I did not join the chess club either.

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