Sometime either over the weekend or last night, half these boys' hard work for Cans for a Cure was stolen!

This is the ninth year that Bryce (11) and Riley (9) have helped out Cans for a Cure. They collect bottles and cans all year long with the help of the generous Parsonsfield community.

Their mom, Katie, had to break it to the boys and she is just devastated, as we all are:

So much work goes into collecting, bagging and prepping the THOUSANDS of bottles and cans for our breast cancer fundraiser, Cans for a Cure.

Last year these boys, along with PY Estes and FR Carroll, collected over 197,000 bottles and cans - that's over 10,000 dollars!

Please, please, please...we've watched these kids grow up. This is so important to them...can you help? WHO TOOK THESE BOTTLES AND CANS??



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