Security measures were put to the test last night at the Portland International Jetport when a car crashed through a fence that surrounds the tarmac.

According to no one was hurt, and no flights were delayed when a vehicle struck, and crashed through a security fence that surrounds the tarmac at the Portland International Jetport Sunday evening.

The car was on traveling on outer Jetport Boulvard when it crashed through the fence, said Assistant Airport Director Zachary Sundquist, the article reports.

Luckily no flights were delayed as a result of the incident, although the crash did cause a security breach at the Jetport, the runway was not closed and it was business as usual for the night at the Jetport.

There is no word on what caused the crash and Jetport officials said they don't believe this was an intentional incident.

As the fence gets repaired today, Jetport security officials will remain at the scene of the accident.


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