Our Q Morning Show cutouts have had an arguably better summer than the real us - or more adventurous in any event. Our journey as guests in Maine's many welcoming businesses ended this week with Gorham Savings Bank in Windham, hosted by our super fan, Marie Jacobs.

They started us off with the requisite bank teller materials: cash, checks, and a uniform (modeled by Jeff).

Courtesy of GSB

As you might have noticed from visits past, Jeff's arms are stubbornly folded and impossible to manipulate. GSB figured out something no one else has done yet on our cutout tour - they put a shirt on Jeff and inserted their own arms! Here he is showing off his lovely manicure...

I'm learning so much!

Lori is equally thrilled to be a teller in training.

Then Jeff investigated the shredder, and we were supportive as always...

After an exhausting morning of learning tricks f the trade, it's break time, and evidently coffee o'clock!

Thanks again to Gorham Savings Bank for the warm welcome and many adventures throughout the week! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Windham.

 GSB is furthering their awesomeness by celebrating150 years in business with a Wish Tree, which you can check out here. For 150 days, they’ll be granting $150,000 worth of wishes hung on their wishing tree. Stop by today to hang a wish or to read your fellow community members' wishes!