Comedian and actress Caroline Rhea is no stranger to game shows. She's appeared in the center square of Hollywood Squares, been a panelist on Match Game with host Alec Baldwin and a contestant on Celebrity Family Feud. She also happens to be a summer resident of Maine, so when she was on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune this week, the charity she won big money for was perfectly Maine.

Rhea appeared on the October 3 episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune to play against Andy Richter and Vanilla Ice. Yeah, you read that right. Ice is back with a brand new invention.

Rhea picked Maine's very own Dempsey Center as the charity she would be playing for. She managed to beat both Richter and Ice with a total of $43,000 in the main game that would be going to the Dempsey Center and she was off the bonus round where she had a chance at an additional million dollars if she lands on million-dollar envelope on the prize wheel and is able to solve the puzzle. Not an easy feat to accomplish.

The category she picked going into the bonus round was "phrase," and along with the R, S, T, L, N and E they give you for free, she picked an additional H, V, F and O and this is what she got. Can you solve the puzzle?

ABC via YouTube
ABC via YouTube

She picked the right additional letters she needed to solve the puzzle. Even though she didn't pick the million dollar envelope, she did get an additional $75,000 for solving the puzzle giving The Dempsey Center a total of $118,000!

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