Tien is 4, and was diagnosed with autism in November of 2015, with a second opinion diagnosis in July of 2016. After a lengthy fight with the public-school system, this mom decided to help her kid on her own.

Mom Renee gave up on the public school system and pursued the medical model of assistance for Tien. It went through with no argument whatsoever. As of September 2016, Tien is considered disabled and qualifies for services that the public-school system denied her, including pre-school, and the speech and occupational therapies that she needs before entering Kindergarten.

The next step for Tien is a Service Dog. This dog will help her in all aspects of daily life, allowing her to calm down from a meltdown, accept going out in public with little anxiety, stopping any repetitive or harmful behaviors that may develop, keeping her safe from wandering away from her parents, and allowing her to sleep at night without meds.


The cost of training alone is nearly 2,000 dollars.

This mom has learned, as with everything...she has to do it on her own.

So, mom is holding a fundraiser:

Native American drumming and dancing, refreshments, raffle and auction.

Saturday April 1, 2017 12 pm - 4 pm
The Gymnasium at the Naples Town Office
15 Village Green Lane, Naples, ME
This is a drug and alcohol free event.


If you can't make it, maybe you can help with a donation.



I've actually donated to help. Renee is a longtime listener and it's a great family. I hope Tien gets her service dog...

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