If you thought the only National Pi Day we have was in honor of the mathematical number on 3/14, you'll be delighted to hear you were sorely mistaken.

There's a National Pie Day reserved just for that ooey gooey delicious dessert we all know and love, and it's coming up on your calendars.

Luckily, Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland and South Portland have you covered. On Tuesday 1/22 and Wednesday 1/23, both locations will host a pie-tasting buffet to celebrate National Pie Day.

For $6.50, customers can choose three different “taster slices” and a cup of locally roasted coffee. The flavors offered will include Banana–Rum Brulee, Ultimate Peanut Butter, Maine Wild Blueberry, Blackberry-Mango, Rice Pudding Pie with Fruit Compote, Caramel Apple, Maple–Raspberry Custard, Tarte Au Sucre, Sour Cherry, Ginger Pear and Black & Blue, according to the Press Herald. If that doesn't make you want to clear your day of anything else, I'm not sure what will.

The in-store tasting isn't the only way Two Fat Cats is celebrating the holiday. They're extending the promotion to their customers from away just dying to celebrate (or have a random mid-week pie, which is pretty fair in itself). Between 1/18 and 1/25, customers who place a shipping order for pies will get a $10 discount. Happy Pie Day!

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