Have you been stashing some cash for a big move? Well, we hope you've stashed A LOT of cash if you're interested in Portland's most expensive rental property according to Realtor.com. It's a 2-bedroom. 2-bathroom condo located on the Eastern Promenade and it comes with a....wait for it...4 thousand dollars-per-month price tag. Wow.

To be fair, in the details, the listers have lowered the price to 3,200-per-month. If you can swallow the price, the condo itself is unquestionably gorgeous, with beautiful hardwood floors, a fireplace and high-end appliances. It also sits on the top floor of the condo building and offers a private balcony that overlooks the eastern prom. There are plenty of other features of the property that are attractive, but it's that price tag that will cause most ordinary people to do a double-take.

And if you think four thousand a month is pricey, that's just the offseason rate. The peak summer rate for this condo? SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH. We really hope you've got the largest piggy bank of all-time. Or you can just admire this sweet condo from a nearby beach or park.

Peruse those photos and think about what could be, if you had all the money.

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