Our friends at Sky High Maine have just posted some great new pictures on their Facebook page of the construction going on and around Fore St. This end of town has become almost unrecognizable to what it looked like even 5 years ago and it's all pretty cool!


Sky High Maine

These are pretty funky looking photos. According to Sky High Maine:

"These photos are made using Photo Orthography, like stitching a panorama of sorts, we took about 250 photos from about 100 feet up and computers stitched it all together into one giant, ridiculously high-res 312-megapixel map. Also, the flight was conducted with an FAA Air Traffic Control commercial remote flight authorization."



See a dozen more drone photos of the area here


Google Maps


This part of town has been hopping with over a dozen developments and more coming.  A new hotel, the new WEX headquarters, the SHipyard construction and right on the water a 10-acre development of luxury apartments, office space, shops, restaurants, hotels. and a high-end marina