Medford, Massachusetts is the first in the Boston area to have this - but I think Maine should do it too!


These are crosswalks painted to look three-dimensional to drivers. A couple of students at Brooks Elementary School thought of the idea after a friend of theirs was almost hit by a car.

This is so cool! According to Curbed Boston, the crosswalk is not actually 3D, but it looks like it is to oncoming traffic (mostly used in areas where kids are picked up and dropped off in parking lots). Brooks is the first school to get the crosswalks, but 3 other schools will also get them.

City of Medford-Mayor's Office
City of Medford-Mayor's Office

These are actually called Iceland crosswalks (they started it) and some schools have decided NOT to do them. Why? Because some schools are afraid they look so much like obstacles that drivers would try to go around them!

I love it. What a cheap alternative to get drivers to slow down around kids! So Maine...have you thought about an Iceland crosswalk?

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