Since cruises are not sailing this year, people are finding creative ways to sell the ocean experience. Since there's not a lot of events in 2020, charitable organizations have to make money in more creative ways than they usually were. That's why I make a wish of Portland is auctioning off tugboat rides from Portland tugboat. It's a great way to make sure that children get their wishes fulfilled while giving people the Casco Bay experience to raise money for a great cause.

Before I moved to Portland, I was in Erie, PA, and my station worked with Make A wish foundation every year to make sure that the children of western Pennsylvania got their wishes fulfilled. It was always something heartwarming; I even witnessed one girl getting a horse for her wish. Please don't ask me who was liable for feeding the horse and whatnot I have no clue, all I know is the girl wanted a horse she got a horse. What I do know is the people donating have a chance to win a great tug boat ride experience, and that's definitely what we have to offer with Make A Wish Portland and Portland Tugboat.

If you would like to participate or donate to this great cause put on by Make A Wish Maine and Portland tugboat please see the link listed below.;jsessionid=00000000.app208a?px=4053504&fr_id=3424&pg=personal&NONCE_TOKEN=7164277B9D2A630EEAE300A9FF13AEA5#.XzK_n-hKiUk

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