The Sebago Lake area has a drug problem as the second major drug seizure in the past few weeks happened early Sunday morning.

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department Facebook page, three people were arrested when a Deputy pulled over a vehicle on Route 302 in Naples for a suspended registration. When the Deputy searched the vehicle, they found 253 grams of fentanyl, 177 grams of cocaine and 4.8 grams of crack cocaine and that was just the drugs. In addition there was a firearm and about $1700 in cash, which we're pretty sure they hadn't just taken out an ATM.

37-year-old Ray Atkinson Jr. of Norway was driving the car and he received a whole bunch of charges including operating with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, and trafficking of three different types of narcotics. Jared McClure of Bath, and Molly Farrington of Norway were charges with drug trafficking as well.

This is the second major fentanyl drug seizure connected to Naples in the past two weeks. Four people were arrested in Gray, exactly two weeks prior to this bust. This also involved a traffic stop where three people were arrested when 500 grams of fentanyl was discovered leading, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office to a hotel room in Naples where a fourth person was arrested.

It's disturbing to think that in Naples, a beautiful rural town of around 4000 people that surrounds Sebago Lake, seven people are trafficking drugs.

"We do anticipate that the impact of this seizure will prevent several overdoses and overdose-related deaths in the coming days and weeks," wrote the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office on their Facebook page. "Unfortunately, we also know that this relief is temporary and a new flow of drugs will soon follow. The CCSO will continue to collaborate with public health officials, substance abuse programs, and our Federal, State, and Local law enforcement partners to protect our communities from drug-related crimes."

Thank you to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and the deputies on patrol who are doing their best to make sure people like these are apprehended and charged, keeping Maine residents safe from harm.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug use, call 211 to get help today.

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