Tamworth Distilling is adding deer to it's list of odd flavors... actual Bambi.

Tamworth Distilling, in the quaint village of Tamworth, New Hampshire, has been making quality whiskey, gin, brandy and vodkas for decades. They have some very interesting flavors: apple crisp, old man in the mountain, thai chili gin, blueberry, fig and sweet potatoes to name a few.

Tamworth Distillery website
Tamworth Distillery website

But coming out on November 14th, Tamworth Distilling will have The Deer Slayer - Venison Flavored Whiskey. It will taste like deer, because well... deer is in it!

Steven Grasse from TD, told Forbes Magazine,

The gaminess of the venison lends itself as a savory compliment to the sweetness of the wheat whiskey creating a truly creative carnivorous concoction.


Okay, not so much into drinking your deer? Then hold on for the flavor coming out in December - The Corpse Flower Durian Brandy. Wait... what? Yes, using the famously stinky durian fruit, otherwise known as the 'corpse flower', is not for the faint of heart.

TD says that they...

explore the relationship between funky and floral, decay and bouquet with its diabolical mix of the some of the most pleasingly unpleasant petals in the botanical world. The initial whiff may bring shivers down imbibers’ spines...the pungent, sickly aroma will turn into a sweet, sophisticated sipper that is nothing short of alluring.


Why do this? Well, there must be an audience because this is the same distillery that made Eau De Musc... the limited-edition head scratcher beaver castoreum whiskey (spoiler alert - castoreum is the anal secretion beavers use to mark their territory).

Yup. I recommend ice.

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