This is what I adore about Cans for a Cure...


It's the contagious enthusiasm from those who want to go above and beyond! Last year, Dr. Paul Best DDS from Prosthodontics Associates, was on the Can Van route. I picked up bottles and cans from their office. But he said to me, he wanted to do more to be involved in 2018. I love it!

He said, 'Let's go out and deliver Clynk bags for Cans for a Cure to dental offices all over Greater Portland.' I was totally into it. So, with 200 Clynk bags that I made pretty - off we went in the Q van!

Dr. Best had that shirt made JUST for our day of delivering! And off we's where it gets a little hazy. We hit about 20 different dental offices and took some pictures along the way. I cannot remember all of the pictures and who they match up to. So, if you see yourself! Bonus! Here's who we stopped by and visited:

  • Southern Maine Pediatric Denistry (that's our 13-year-old's dentist! Whitney Wignall)
  • UNE College of Dental Medicine
  • Endodontic Associates
  • Resorative and Aesthetic Dental Associates
  • The Dental Loft
  • Ernst Dental
  • Greater Portland Endodontics
  • Corey and Then Periodontics (Dr. Then pulled a bad tooth of mine...he did a fabulous job)
  • Brighton Dental Associates
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates
  • Jean-Paul Boudreau DMD, LLC
  • Ruetty Michael T DDS
  • Portland Smiles
  • Maine Coastal Oral Surgery
  • Dr. Kathryn L. Horutz, DMD
  • Back Cove Dental
  • Portland Family Dental

and of course...

  • Prosthodontics Associates

It was a whirlwind, whipping the van in and out of parking lots - dropping off Clynk bags and explaining that if they fill the bags, it all goes to help those fighting breast cancer! Our goal this year for the Center is 100,000 dollars! That's well over 10% of their budget in South Portland. This will ensure that the services they provide for free...remain free.

Now to the fun part - the pictures. Again...some I can connect to the office. Others I kinda forgot, but am grateful that everyone was so open and kind and willing to help!


We have another 'date', Dr. Best and myself...on September 10th - we do it all again! Only this time, look out Scarborough! We're heading your way!