Patrick Dempsey is a proud Mainer

For as many stories out there as there are of celebrities forgetting where they come from and becoming too egotistical and snobby, there are also stories of people always remembering where they got their start.

Thankfully, no matter where his career and success take him, Patrick Dempsey always has the Maine spirit running through his veins and never forgets to give back to the home that made him.

Patrick Dempsey was in Saco, Maine

According to the Portland Press Herald, just days after shooting scenes for an upcoming film he's involved with called Ferrari in northern Italy, Patrick popped back up in the 207 like he tends to, this time visiting some students in Saco.

The Ecology School in Saco

According to their website, what could be considered as a mission statement of The Ecology School, located at River Bend Farm in Saco, Maine, is:

...transform[ing] how people think about science, food, the environment, and themselves through joyful, hands-on learning for all ages.

And that statement is true, not only because their website lists different activities for kids, adults, schools, groups, and families, but also because Patrick Dempsey visited The Ecology School to participate in activities with the children at the school.

In between filming promotional videos, the Press Herald reported that Patrick took time to pick kale and carrots right along the Saco River with students from multiple Maine schools, and then sat down for lunch with them made with ingredients that grow on the grounds of The Ecology School.

In comparing the area of northern Italy where he was filming just days before, Patrick told the Press Herald,

It actually reminded me of Maine quite a bit, how closely people there live to the land, the traditions they have with farming, so it’s great to see this school on the site of an old farm, and see these kids learning in nature.

Patrick also mentioned to the Press Herald that he tries to make it back to Maine around once a month, but once his sons graduate high school in California in a few years, he hopes to make it back way more often.

And considering how he's still so ingrained in Maine and embraces that it's still so deeply ingrained in him, too, we're absolutely here for it.

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