Thick corn husks are one of the 20 Farmers' Almanac signs of a hard winter.


Before we had weather on our phones, or radar or even the National Weather Service, how did people know what the winter would be like? There was folklore. Nothing is more folksy than the Farmers' Almanac.

A friend of the editor, a weather guy out in Cleveland put together a list of 20 signs from nature that the winter will be a tough one.

The Farmers' Almanac originally put the list out in 1978, but it still works today!

Some of the signs are common sense (#4, the ducks leave early), but some are a little more folksy (#8 raccoons with thick tails and bright bands).

Do you have your own predictor for a rough winter? Like a toe that predicts snow when it aches? Don't laugh, I have a friend whose toes are pretty darn reliable!

Now I'm gonna be watching ants, squirrels, bees and mice a lot more than normal!

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