For my first Easter, I was given a stuffed pink bunny. I named it Pink Bunny. Very creative and wicked original, I know. I slept with that thing every night. Really, if I left it somewhere we would HAVE to go back and get it.

And yes, at 30-years-old I still have that bunny. Only now I manage to sleep peacefully without it.

Kids form attachments to stuffies, blankets, and more. I'm not a parent but from my own experience, I know how difficult it can be to not have that security "blanket".

Recently listed under the Lost & Found section of Craigslist is a "well-loved" stuffed cheetah.

The good news is that this guy is safe and looking to go home! Mr. Cheetah was found in the middle of the road on the corner of Kellogg Street near Congress Street and is now safe, warm, and dry in the home of the individual who found him.

Craigslist Maine
Craigslist Maine

If you know who may have lost their friend you can reach out through Craigslist here.

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