'Tis the season of relentless coughing and runny noses. As your coworkers drop like flies and your kids beg to stay home from school, it's time to employ this handy trick with tissue boxes. Once you inevitably polish off a box of tissues, attach it to a new one using a rubber band, and voila! You have a built-in trash bin for all your mucus-filled friends.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

My mom always equipped me with an empty shoebox or the empty box from a 24-pack of soda, but tossed the old Kleenex boxes once they were empty. This is the perfect solution to that problem of laying in a nest of your own used tissues, which no one likes but is unfortunately inevitable when you spend days on end sleeping and blowing your nose in bed.

So bundle up, grab your tissues and don't forget the rubber band! After all... winter is coming.

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