I don't think I would mind winter so much if it wasn't for having to drive in the snow. It comes with so many problems, but there are a few that seem like there could be easy fixes. So can you give me some suggestions on how to deal with these winter driving headaches?

Fogged up windows on the inside


When I'm in the car and have the heat running while driving in the snow, after a while, my windows start fogging up on the inside. The side windows especially. They don't have defrosters to point at them, so they get to the point where I can't see through them. There's gotta be a fix for that right? What am I doing wrong?


Snow in the wheel wells

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We all have to deal with this problem, but there has to be a way to minimize this. That build up of snow behind your tire in the wheel well becomes a problem when you start to feel your car shuddering. At first I panic and think I have a tire or alignment problem, then realize I have a ton of snow in the wheel well. Someone must have invented something to prevent this, right? I feel this one may be a lost cause, but maybe you have a trick to help deal with it.


Wipers stop doing their job


The first sign a storm is coming is when people put their wipers up. That may help clearing you car off, but after while when driving in the snow, my wipers get clogged up with snow and stop working, leaving a giant streak across the windshield each time they go back and forth. There are winter wipers that can help with this, but even when I try that, I still end up getting a streak right in my line of vision. What do you do to help prevent this?

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