As someone from away, there are plenty of things that Mainers don't question which excite/astonish/tickle me. This may be one of them.

First of all, the day I learned what "leaf-peeping" was, I thought it was a joke. I had no idea that people actually go out of their way to look at leaves in New England... are they on drugs or something? T

hen I witnessed first-hand the glory of autumn in the Northeast and fully understood.

I grew up on the west coast, which is mostly covered in evergreens and doesn't see nearly the same wave of vivid fall colors sweep through from September to November.

What I discovered this week when I nonchalantly googled "best leaf-peeping time Maine" was that Maine not only lists the best areas and times to see the brilliant colors change, but provides a WEEKLY LEAF-PEEPING REPORT for ease of planning.

That's right, a new, updated map of Maine and its foliage timing for each region is posted weekly to the website.

Leaf-peeping is serious business! If you're hoping to stay up-to-date on foliage this fall, add to your favorites for all your leaf-peeping needs.

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