If you've been in Portland for a while, then you know Popeye's Ice House. The bar with the plane stuck in it.


That neighborhood bar was torn down after it closed in 2008. If you have ever been over the (then) Million Dollar Bridge or (now) Casco Bay Bridge, you've seen that plane tail sticking out of the roof!


Andy GrahaImage by photographer Mark Marchesi.
Andy GrahaImage by photographer Mark Marchesi.

When I first moved to Portland back in the late '80s, and laid eyes on this bar, I seriously panicked that I was first on the scene of a plane crash. Then it just became a landmark that told me that was the corner of Brackett and York streets.

Some people will remember the Ice House for having the best jukebox and wicked cold beer. But there are those in the neighborhood that might have different memories. In 2007, there was a stabbing. The bar closed shortly after that. It was a source of angst for many of the people in the neighborhood dealing with drunks that would stumble out after a long night.

But, looking at this picture does one thing. It reminds you of a Portland that no longer exists. For better or for worse, there are currently no bars in Portland with a plane sticking out of it.



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