You provide the mom part and the kid part - we provide the adorable kid part with Sunflower Farm Creamery's new baby goats!


Spend the morning with your favorite morning show and baby goats, all to celebrate Mother's Day1

Here's what we have planned. There are dozens of new baby goats at Sunflower Farm Creamery. If you've never held a baby goat...well, you're missing out.



Here's a little preview to get you in the mood. Just a little video that has over 6 million views!


We will head to the farm on Thursday morning May 10th around 730 am. We will spend a good 90 minutes snuggling and ahhhhing the adorable kids with your kids!

We had a blast last year and want to do it again, and the farm said 'Bring it on!'

It's all brought to you by Day's Jewelers - Mom's favorite jewelry store since 1914.




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