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It really doesn’t matter that I’ve lived in Maine my entire life. I still love seeing deer. Well, as long as they’re in my yard. I’d prefer it if they didn’t venture out into the roads.

US News reports that the current deer population in Maine is somewhere around 300,000 and growing. This increasing population has the state looking at different ways to increase the annual deer harvest.

As someone that grew up in rural Maine, hunting season was a way of life. Not so much for me personally but I have paid my dues as an ex-girlfriend and ex-employee of hunters. I’ve had to not wear perfumes or heavy scents. I’ve helped drag a tree stand into the woods. I do draw my personal line at actually hunting and dressing the deer but throw myself back into the ring for eating.

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Despite the fact that most Mainers are okay with hunting, no one delights in an animal suffering. That’s why residents in Peru, Maine worked together to help save a doe recently.

Unfortunate Accessory

Deer can often be creatures of habit, sticking to one area and a routine. Thankfully this doe was one of those deer. Residents in the town of Peru noticed this doe that would regularly appear in the neighborhood and happened to be sporting a belt. That belt being cables that had been somehow wound tightly around her causing her hair to fall out and wounds to form. Plus, there was a risk that the cable could continue to tighten further risking the doe’s life.

Since deer aren’t exactly known for being social, it was impossible for the locals to assist the doe so they called in the help of the biologists of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Residents worked closely with the biologists letting them know of her routine so they could plan their rescue. One resident allowed the biologists to set up in their basement to keep watch. Right on schedule the doe came walking by and she was then immobilized by a dart gun.

At this point, she was cut free of the restricting cables and given a reversal drug so she’d wake back up.

The rescue was successful and the doe then rejoined her herd with new opportunities to flourish.

Shout out to this community for calling in the experts and selflessly helping such a beautiful creature.

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