People are constantly making the journey to Maine's largest mountain, Katahdin, for a perfect hiking adventure. And every once in awhile, someone spots something on the mountain that needs to be shared to the masses. That happened recently, when BigLurkDaddy took to Reddit to share a lichen growth that looks like famed painter Bob Ross.

Reddit via BigLurkDaddy

Many on the comment thread agreed that the growth certainly had some Bob Ross-like qualities, but not everyone saw happy things. Some people believed it looked more like Charles Manson, or perhaps Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister or even Jim Croce. Cases can definitely be made for both of those, but if most commenters wanted to stick with the initial thought, that Bob Ross has become Bob Moss and is sitting on the side of the mountain watching the happy little clouds pass by.

So what or whom do you see? Do you see some rock n' roll with Jim Croce? Are you leaning a bit more metal with Lemmy? Are you seeing the joy of painting with Bob Ross or are you seeing something much more sinister with Manson?

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