Are you tired of using torches, pesticides, dipping your body in Deet and waving around those electric tennis rackets? Use their natural enemy - bats!


Did you know that bats can eat up to a 1,000 mosquito-size insects per hour. According to Fast Company, there is a way to attract bats to your place with BatBnB.

It's a couple of guys who made it their mission to turn create bat homes that you wouldn't mind having at your place!


They crowdfunded their project and were even on Shark Tank. Their problem wasn't coming up with the design, or the concept - it was and is convincing people to INVITE bats to their place.

People hate bats. They think Dracula or flying rats with wings Noooooo...they are adorable and super helpful!

But even when you explain to people that bats are amazingly effective pest controllers, they may not embrace the creatures on their property. Most people are just scared of bats.

Because we are scared of these little guys,



Because we think they will suck our blood in the middle of the night and their natural habitat has been ruined by humans, bats actually need our help.

The bat houses of BatBnB are designed around helping bats and making your house not look horrible.


Fight the bugs this year with bats!