I've made it my mission to follow as many Maine TikTokers as possible and somewhere along the way Desirée (@dezimarcellis) showed up with what is quite possibly the most relatable piece of content I've seen yet with her TikTok and it's about driving in Maine.

Desirée covers all the bases starting with "Click It or Ticket" assuring others from away that yes, that is a real thing and it has been drilled into our brains ever since we were kids and it became law to buckle up.

Then she moves on to one thing we all think about when it starts to get dark, gotta keep an eye out for deer! And sometimes even paying the best attention possible doesn't make a difference. (I say that having slowed my vehicle down to the point where the deer just ran into me once.)

She also touches on the soul-leaving-your-body feeling of hitting a giant pothole.

Watch Desirée's brilliant TikTok below.

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