Officer Eze VanBuckley has got the moves way up in East Millinocket.


What exactly is officer VanBuckley doing? Why, he's doing the Git Up Challenge...


This Facebook post is kicking butt! Over 134,000 views! The East Millinocket Police Department wrote that

Ofc VanBuckley will not be leading a training on dance moves to our other officers because we can admit, we aren’t as talented as him!

So, back to this Git Up Challenge...what the heck is it? Well, it's another catchy country song and it comes with a dance challenge. First we had 'Old Town Road' from Lil Nas X. This had people bringing horses to any Old Town Road in any town.

Now Blanco Brown’s 'The Git Up,' has police doing dance moves that are smooth!

It was Blanco's own video of him jamming that has started this whole craze. It's pretty's like he did it on the way to go grocery shopping.


Get ready to get your line dancing groove on!


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