Electricity Maine offered citizens of this great state discounted energy instead, they were defrauded; that's why Electricity Maine has offered to pay a settlement of $14,000,000 total to the 43,000 Maine residents that filed in the class action suit. 200,000 were eligible, only 43,000 filed. If you were an Electricity Maine client and you're just now hearing about this, your claim was due by September 10th, 2020.

Portland attorney Benjamin Donohue says each participant in the suit will be paid approximately $75 each as a refund for being ripped off, according to WGME 13.

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The company's statement said they were happy that the matter was put the rest, but they denied any wrongdoing. That comment is even shocking coming from an electric company.

This reminds me of those late-night commercials for medications or some surgical procedure that went wrong where you could join a massive class-action suit where everyone gets $5 at the end.

Still, you don't even get the equivalent of your deductible back from insurance. It just goes to show no matter how much you put into it, even if justice is served, you may not get as much back as much; what are your thoughts?

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