Hot enough for ya?

It may have cooled down today but we got some more heat waves on the horizon. It's times like these I really like to drink in the joys of summer before the inevitable winter comes, because as everyone will tell you, summer is clearly the superior season. Right?

Perhaps you'll withhold the verdict until you've finished reflecting on these 5 aspects of summer quick before winter rears its ugly head:

1) Lobster Roll Picnics

Ahhh, our state fruit, the lobster. Best served with a touch of mayo on a bun, with potato salad on the side and sunshine streaming down. Listen to the lapping water on the dock and try to calmly wave the bees away without getting stung. Also, keep an eye out for hungry and fearless seagulls. Oh, and try not to think about the $16 you paid for that premium tourist tax...

2) Friendly, Slow Tourists

Nothing makes your day quite like those sweet innocent tourists who gently touch your arm to ask for directions. And who clog up traffic downtown while they check their GPS real quick. And who hike up the price of living in town with their luxury seasonal condos. And who form a mile-long line out of Duckfat, Holy Donut, Fore Street, and any other special place you can usually waltz right into in the winter time. Noooothing better, ayuh.

3) Perpetual Construction

Cones, hardhats, midnight jackhammering, and overheated traffic controllers. The sweet smell of asphalt and the unnoticeable difference after years of summer hold-ups. Lengthy? Definitely. Loud? Perhaps. But worth it? Not really.

4) Smells, Smells, Smells.

You don't get to really *know* people in the winter like you do in summertime... Really drink them in for all they're worth. Sweat, body odor, last night's bender, wet dog. Whether you showered this morning or two weeks ago, it doesn't really matter. We're all equal in humid, hot summer. You don't get that fragrant intimacy when everyone is bundled up for a snow storm.

5) Hot Sweat Dripping Down Your Back

The sun - it nourishes us, showers us with warmth, light, and sweet, sweet vitamin D. It draws us out from our cold, dark corners, and coats us with moisture our own bodies magically produce. Our automatic cooling systems go into overdrive in an attempt to keep us alive and - hold up, is that a bug crawling down your body? Nay, 'tis but a bead or 7 of sweat. It's whispering - hollering, even - to get inside, you effing crazy person. It's wicked hot out here and why isn't it winter already?! Forget summer, I've had enough smells and sweats and sunburns and bites to last me til next April. Bring on the snowstorms. I'm ready.

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