Knowing that it's hard for residents, Molly Donlan from The Woods at Canco in Portland, decided to entertain them with a little dancing.


Molly is great. The looks on the resident's faces is priceless.


This is exactly what is needed right now. Fun, safe and completely lighthearted entertainment. It must be scary for these older folks...

Thank you to Molly and everyone who is watching over our older population and making sure they are as safe and healthy as possible. That means mentally healthy too.

They are not allowed to congregate, just like the rest of us - so Molly's dance was just what the doctor ordered.

Oh - she is a deviled egg, by the way. She had to take the hood down because it was interfering with her awesome dance moves. There had been some debate whether she was Olaf from Frozen...she is not.

Stay safe, wash your hands and please stay at home as much as possible.


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