It's not everyday a goat decides to make a run for it and winds up in the ocean.

But that was the certainly the case Tuesday when a goat escaped its owner in the parking lot of the Belfast Veterinary Hospital and police had to chase it down.

That goat really didn't want to go to the doctor.

Or maybe it saw "Ferris Bueller" recently and felt inspired to have a day off, but whatever its motives, thankfully, the Belfast Police Department was there to help rescue it before things got too wild.

According to the department's Facebook page, Belfast officers tried to get the 4-year-old animal as it led them down the ocean front.

That was right before it decided to head into the water... because turns out, goats can swim.

And it wasn't exactly a balmy day either, as temps were in the 20s and the water was about 40 degrees, the post stated.

Still, the goat wasn't coming in and was ready to head further out, so the officers tried wading into the water to coax it back to land.

Residents near the area also tried to help out by bringing lettuce and grain to entice the goat back, according to the police, and there was even someone who got in their kayak to play a little defense and keep the goat from going further out.

Things could have gone south quickly, but thankfully, after some time, a little community help and an ocean showdown, the goat was retrieved and returned to its owner safe and sound.

Now, just think if that goat ran off with a buddy. Can you imagine capturing two rambunctious goats?

There's never a dull day in Maine, that's for sure.

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