I spent 60 dollars to see Caroline Rae, Ryan Styles (Who's Line is it Anyway) and Tina Fey. Tina Fey! But alas...it was a lie.


When you walk down NYC streets in the Times Square area, there are people everywhere handing you stuff. I always take it. I feel like I'm being rude if I don't. I end up at the end of the block with 70 pieces of paper.

When I was in NY this past weekend (you remember...4 Gays Guys and Me...Also Gay) we had some time Saturday night. That's when we met Johnny. I sweet little Italian millennial and he had a great story about a comedy show...with Tina Fey!

Tina Fey? I must have asked 400 times.

Yes! Tina Fey! She'll be there!


Holy crap! I'm kind of a freak about Tina Fey. I kinda love, love, love her. She's Greek, funny and just enough of a smart ass to really bring it all home. The 'VIP' tickets were 30 dollars, but Johnny cut us a deal and gave them to us for only 20 each! I couldn't pay him fast enough. We walked away all excited about seeing Tina Fey...and those other people.



We called to make reservations, I was excited when I called and heard this,

Stand Up Comedy. This is Johnny.

Johnny! Remember me? I bought tickets from you on the street next to Sbarro Pizza!

That wasn't me.

Oh...must be TWO Johnny's. Anyway, we are calling to make reservations for...

Who did he tell you would be in the line up? Did he say Tina Fey, because she's not here. And neither is Caroline Rae or Ryan Styles...


LIGHT BULB MOMENT...we were scammed.

I was so disappointed. A) for being scammed and losing 60 bucks and B) NO TINA FEY!!

Wayne and Scott kept telling me to stop taking those papers from people...but I still did the whole trip. But I didn't spend anymore money looking for Tina Fey.

Have you ever been scammed?



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