Amazon's line of Prime Dash buttons allow you to easily order household essentials the second you run out. Need to stock up on your Charmin Ultra Strong? Order an Amazon Prime Dash button for Charmin, stick it in your linen closet, and as soon as the last roll is plucked from the pile just tap the button and a new pack is on it's way to your door. How awesome is that?

Amazon has a growing selection of buttons to choose from -- household items, pantry staples, dog supplies, "bedroom supplies", beauty products, and more. Surprise Sweets Surprise Sweets

Now, Amazon has introduced a Prime Dash button called Surprise Sweets and it's exactly what it sounds like.

Press your Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button and an $18 box of carefully curated handmade treats arrive at your door.

Amazon says, "Push it today, tomorrow, your half-birthday, Mondays...You get the idea." Surprise Sweets Surprise Sweets

You can press the button as often as you'd like and you'll always receive an $18 box of sweet treats for whatever occasion you deem worthy of sweet treats.

Would you get the Prime Sweet Treats button or any other Dash button?

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