Call it Pandora's Box, call it a nerve being struck, but after a post online was made about a certain type of Maine drivers (or drivers from away that drive in Maine) -- it doesn't matter what you call it, the hounds and the Kraken were all released.

Nabeel Syed
Nabeel Syed

Maine Reddit

If you've hopped on the Maine subreddit page, then you know it's an absolute gold mine for either actual information involving Vacationland, or the insanely entertaining way that Mainers can be pure Mainers.

The sarcasm. The dry sense of humor. And the level of annoyance that really only Mainers can hit. And that's the level that user CPgang was at when they recently posted about something we all hate to see on the roads -- left lane campers.

Left Lane Campers

I've already mentioned that I personally can't stand driving on 295 in Maine sometimes, mainly because of left lane campers. Because one you're behind one, you're absolutely screwed since 295 is a two lane highway.

And even though at times, Mainers can seem more zen about situations (except when you misuse the term "Mainer," really -- and you have to respect the pride with that), they're also known to be the type of people that will easily drive 90mph on the Turnpike when the speed limit is 70.

So, maybe zen, but also a bit impatient.

Needless to say, all Mainers needed was an avenue and excuse to lose their mind about left lane campers, and CPgang definitely gave them that avenue. Because the comments section blew up with people that literally seemed to have frustration bottled up for decades.

Some highlights?

Aleksandra Glustsenko
Aleksandra Glustsenko

Some people don't know because they never check their mirrors, which is a scary thought. - Reddit user mhb20002000


Not wanting to deal with people getting on the highway isn't an excuse to camp the left lane. Learn to do it right or stay the fuck home. - Reddit user Magus1739


I mean I get this fear on 295 or if you're driving on Mass pikes that have frequent exits but in Maine there is so much time to prepare it baffles me someone can drive that way with so much fear. - Reddit user desmarais


[Someone] should stick to the side roads if [their] such a nervous wreck on the highway. - Reddit user Ill_Athlete3019


If you browse around, youll see so many people that take pride in, " im just gonna drive slower to piss you off youre not saving time driving faster " the major entitlement is crazy. - Reddit user throwaway38372652664

There are about 160 more that are lights out hilarious (or just absolute savage truths) that can be read on the original post. And they're definitely worth the read.

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