Exercising is a factory of excuses. No matter how badly we need it, no matter how good we know we'll feel after a sweat session, no matter how easy it would be to lace up the sneakers and log a few miles, we always find an excuse to skip it. What if you were held accountable by a group of other exercisers one day a week with the promise of a fun and unique training session that won't cost you a dime? The Portland Sweat Project is exactly that. No more excuses.

The Portland Sweat Project welcomes people of all fitness levels to participate in once-a-week free workouts. You'll try everything from 5Ks to DrumCore to yoga and cycling while making new fitness friends and having fun!

Each Wednesday morning at 6:29 a.m. The Portland Sweat Project meets at various locations around the city for a different workout every week. One Wednesday you may participate in a very percussive DrumCore session on City Hall steps and the next you're crushing a 5K personal record on Back Cove.

If you want to know where The Portland Sweat Project crew will be each Wednesday, follow the group on Facebook. Happy sweating!

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