Channel 8 WMTW Morning News Anchor and expecting mom Cristina Frank appeared on the national syndicated daytime talk show "Strahan & Sara" yesterday.

Cristina and her husband, Eric, are expecting their first child, due in just eight weeks. Remarkably, they're keeping the sex of the baby a surprise until the big day!

While on vacation this week, they visited New York City and attended the live taping of the show.

In a video that she posted on her Facebook page earlier in the day, Cristina talked about being pulled on stage, and that there was a chance that it would be on that day's show. turns out that their special moment did in fact make it into the show! Here's the clip:

My fiancé, Kathleen, works with Cristina over at WMTW. We couldn't be happier or more excited for Cristina and Eric, and we can't wait to meet their baby!

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