Portland has been bursting with new development lately, with new apartment buildings cropping up and your favorite new restaurant being replaced by an even newer favorite restaurant.

The development doesn't end at Portland's city limits. Falmouth, just north of us, has a giant new development in the works. Falmouth Shopping Center currently consists of Shaw's, Walmart, Staples, Goodwill and Flagship Cinemas, along with a few other stores. According the Press Herald, the recently proposed Falmouth Center would add on dining and entertainment venues, indoor and outdoor recreation, senior housing, and a hotel, among other businesses.

Construction for the new development would disrupt the 295 on ramp from Route 1, and Press Herald reports the town of Falmouth entered into an agreement with the Maine Department of Transportation in January 2016 that would allow a developer to take over the ramp's acreage and replace it with an intersection or roundabout.

Google Maps edited by Lou

The rough sketch above shows where the entire development would take place in reference to the existing Falmouth Shopping Center. Below is the detailed plan from Falmouth Center's website.


A construction start date has not yet been set and the project will not begin without approval from the town of Falmouth.