Celtics vs Heat

Last night, the Boston Celtics notched their 18th win of the season at home at TD Garden last night by beating the Miami Heat 134-121.

On top of that, C's star Jayson Tatum had a huge night, leading the way to the win by putting up 49 points by himself. That's literally over one-third of the entire team's points from last night.

But you wouldn't know it. Because that's not the headline.

NBA/Celtics via Instagram
NBA/Celtics via Instagram

Prince William and Princess Kate in Boston

Before touring areas of Boston today with the purpose of seeing the climate-friendly initiatives already underway and also being planned out in the Bean, the Royal Family's Prince William and Princess Kate hit up the Celts game last night.

And, naturally, that's the main headline and big story coming out of TD Garden last night. Not the Celtics keeping the best record in the Eastern Conference and the NBA overall. Not Jayson Tatum almost dropping 50 points.

Nope. It was the fact that members of the Royal Family were in Boston at the game last night.

And Celtics fans HATE it. And literally have been roasting them and the NBA after their joint Instagram post with the Celtics last night.

Do Celtics Fans Hate the Royal Family?

Maybe not so much the actual Royals themselves, just the fact that they were the main attraction and getting the main attention last night during the game, instead of the actual game itself.

Because as soon as the NBA posted video of the Prince and Princess sitting courtside (and looking bored AF in William's case, and more worried about conversation than the game in Kate's case), fans went OFF in the comments section.

"Tatum just went for 49 and this is what you show." - aids_neary


"Never understood why us Americans give a crap about another country’s royal family." - nlabo22


"Tatum drops nearly 50, yet what interests u is the most irrelevant kingdom." - _thacmine


"We’re supposed to care about monarchs?" - z_snyder1994


"Even as a Canadian, and I speak for most of us, we do not care about these people." - brandon_bb_13


"They wanna be Harry and Meghan so bad." - elissaparrish


"You could have had a drinking game with the amount of times the camera panned on them. They could have just let them enjoy the game." - ohsnapitsjenni


"How do you dislike a post?" - rodneyblu

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