Now that's a big fish! This father and son were out ice fishing in Canada when they got a bite. A BIG bite. And the son caught it all on video. 

Dad's a good fisherman too, because he fought this big boy for a long time before finally pulling him up through the hole in the ice. The video is 8 and half minutes long, but watch it from the beginning. Seeing their excitement build until the end is really something to watch. WARNING: There's some adult language in all their excitement, so be aware in case you're watching it with the kids.

For the record, this fish was 43.75 inches long! The world record of a catch-and-release fish caught and pulled through the ice is 46 inches. No word on if they kept this one or not, but my guess is it will be mounted over the fireplace soon.

UPDATE: We talked to Steve on the Q Morning Show on Friday.

Some things we learned from Steve:

  • They did keep the fish, but donated it to a Canadian research facility.
  • It was estimated at around 40 pounds
  • His video has since gone viral with every country in the world seeing it, and as of Friday a majority of them were from Maine

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