The real estate market is booming nationwide with prices for homes selling for much more than the asking prices. Here in Maine, prices are high for homes as well and more and more housing is being constructed here, many of which are luxury homes and condos in cities like Portland and Auburn. But just how people are packing up and moving to Maine?

The moving services website, tracked data for their over 90,000 moves, two customer surveys, and pulled statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau to find out which state people were moving to the most.

According to the data, 37 states saw more residents moving from the state than to the state. New Jersey sees the biggest exodus of people with 54% of all moves within New Jersey being to other states.

When it comes to New England, only two states saw more people moving here than away. New Hampshire saw a very small percentage of moves into the state out of all moves with 0.3%. Maine however is having the borders rushed!

Of all the moves within Maine, 33.9% net growth of moving into the state in 2021, placing Maine third in the list of states seeing the most growth behind South Carolina and Arkansas.

I don't know how I feel about that. As a Mainer born and raised here, I've always enjoyed our quiet little corner of the country and living "The way life should be." Now that we appear to be the destination of choice, the growth happening here is more than I like to see. Even our recent move to Windham still doesn't feel as rural as it used it 30 years ago.

How do you feel about the influx of people into Maine that doesn't show any signs of stopping yet?

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