When it happened in my house, I figured that no one else has EVER used a leaf blower INSIDE their house. I was wrong.


First I'll tell you about the leaf blower INSIDE my own home.

Coming home one afternoon, I noticed a weird smoke, gas, or fire smell in our house. I also noticed that some candles were lit and all the windows were open. As I inquired about the smell, Jen (my wife) told me that she cleaned the piano with the leaf blower. We gave it to a neighbor who could  use it more than us.


Wait, the gas powered, backpack leaf blower was ON INSIDE THE HOUSE? Yup. It sure was. It was to dust a very complicated piano, all those keys (grand piano not standing piano)! It apparently worked like a champ. This is the piano after. No, no, no...no pictures before were taken. I did make sure that we don't run the gas powered leaf blower inside to do that again.

That's when I learned that this has happened in other homes. Well, at least in Shannon's place in North Yarmouth!


She was so proud that she actually made a video! She was super excited at how easy the dust bunnies were BLOWN right out from under the bed! Shannon knows her dust bunnies being the owner of Mountain Dogs Daycare. Am I the crazy one? Is using a leaf blower to dust a thing?



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