Holy Donut leaves Auburn, but Five Guys is coming!


There is NOTHING better than a good burger. It could be that I'm hungry, but honestly, I could have just plowed through a huge Thanksgiving meal and if I smell a burger cooking, I will be hungry! Five Guys can do that to you!

The building that used to be the Varney Agency will be Five Guys this summer.


Nothing against the Varney Agency, I'm sure they are lovely, but uh, not as lovely as a burger and a big pile of those fries!

SIDENOTE: The old Wendy's on Route One in Falmouth had been closed for years and rumors were flying that a Five Guys was coming! That's why it was a rumor because it ended up a Verizon. Again, nothing against Verizon, but I can't eat a phone!


Anyway, back to the good news for Auburn. According to the Sun Journal, the franchise owner, Jody Goehring, had been looking for the perfect place in the Lewiston Auburn area for a Five Guys. This is it! Plus, this Five Guys will have a pick-up window. No, not a drive-thru, a pick-up. She explained to the Sun Journal what the difference was:

(It’s) not quite a traditional drive-thru, but they look very much like it. You order ahead, then you tap a button on the app that says ‘I’m on my way,’ and we can kind of watch as you make your way to the restaurant. We start cooking food at different times, so that when you get there it’s all fresh and ready to go for you.

You can also eat inside if you want.

Okay, okay. I feel like someone needs to warn Jody, so I'll do it. Hi Jody...just so you know, YOU ARE GONNA BE SLAMMED when you open (planning on June). Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed. That pick-up window is gonna be jammed with orders! This will go on for probably the first month you are open. Then people will calm down a bit. I wish you only the best and we are SO excited you are coming to Auburn. We already know how stupid good Five Guys is from their places in Brunswick, Augusta, Biddeford, South Portland, Waterville, and Bangor. Yes, people in the Lewiston Auburn area ARE GOING TO EAT THIS UP! Literally.

Okay, you have been warned.



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