Dear Creepy Guy,

WHAT were you thinking? And WHY were you so gross? What you do with yourself in your own home -- and I want to harp on the fact that I'm saying INSIDE your own home, not out on the lawn visible by neighbors -- is one thing and your business, but you had NO right to do what you do on a flight to Boston yesterday.

Especially when just DAYS before, there was a story that published that broke out across the country of a man getting arrested for doing the same thing that you did on that flight yesterday, but he did it FOUR times as well as exposed himself. And was arrested for it. And you didn't think the same thing would happen to you?

But here's the thing that elevates what you did way passed what the first creep did. Because not only were you being inappropriate with yourself and exposing yourself on a flight, next to an innocent 21-year-old woman who was just trying to get from Newark to Boston -- not only was that just completely messed up on its own. But you HAD to take it one step further, didn't you?

Because according to, a few minutes before the plane landed, you crossed the line even further by touching her. Nevermind having no right to be exposing yourself to her and anyone else near you on that flight, but you most definitely had no right to randomly reach out and put your hand on her thigh like an absolute sick, disgusting, crude, disrespectful pig.

Good for that woman to not just take it all in stride, from the self-touching to the exposing to the touching her. Good for her for alerting another passenger and good for her for talking to one of the flight attendants about it during the disembarking of the flight, too. You deserved to be put in cuffs while you were in baggage claim and you deserve the possible 90 days you'll serve in prison and the $5,000 fine as well.

Being a 76-year-old man according to -- what if that was your daughter? What if that was your granddaughter that some disgusting, gross old man like yourself was reached out and touched by?

I hope you learned your lesson that even having that thought, let alone actually carrying out what you did -- no one deserves to be on the receiving end of that. And considering this same act has happened twice in about five days -- let's hope that it's a learning experience for anyone else that has the messed up idea to follow the same path these two gross guys did.

Simply said -- keep it in your pants and show some damn respect, you disgusting freaks.

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