This story has twists, a Mainer, drinking, famous golfer and a domestic violence charge on Mother's Day weekend...

St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff's Office


According to the Press Herald:

Krista Glover, the former Krista Wakefield of Cumberland, Maine, was arrested Saturday night and taken to the St. John’s County jail. She was released Sunday on a $2,500 bond and faces misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence. She has a May 31 court date.


This story has a crazy twist as it was Krista who called 911. Krista is married to 2009 U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover, and apparently was super upset that he did poorly in a tournament. She was calling him 'loser' and all sorts of choice words...but when she called 911, she blamed the whole fight on Lucas' mom.

When police called back, that's when Lucas said he had finally had it and told them exactly what happened:

Yeah, hi, I think we got our lines crossed here. This is the husband, the sane one of the bunch, My wife has called you. … Now she’s trying to blame it on my mother, which is not the case at all. … My wife has gone crazy.


Krista Gloverm used to be Krista Wakefield from Cumberland, Maine. She was arrested Saturday night and released on Mother's Day (they have two kids) on $2,500 bond. She's looking at misdemeanor charges - domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence. She'll be in court May 31.

Krista Wakefield was the 1998 Miss Maine Teen USA and a star on the Greely High School basketball teams in the late ’90s.

Apparently Krista berates and yells at Lucas when he does poorly at any tournament. This night she had also been drinking...

Lucas did tweet that this really did happen...but softened it up a lot compared to his call to the police.


It was a weird sad story to begin with and with the Maine connection...even weirder.