The Portland Press Herald reports that a new COVID-19 test is being called a game-changer by national health experts as it produces results in minutes.

Abbott Laboratories helped make the new test, and the lab in Scarborough will exclusively produce the tests.

This week, they are looking to make about 50,000 per day, according to the newspaper.

Abbott Labs has been on the forefront for flu testing, and no other test has ever been so important.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the tests on Friday, the Press Herald stated.

There is excitement about this test on a couple of different levels.

Starting this week, production goes into high gear. But the best news could be that results are within 5 minutes and negative results take about 13 minutes, according to the newspaper.

All from equipment about the size of a toaster!

Health care professionals are elated at the quickness of results. That will allow them to save and use PPE (personal protective equipment) only when needed.

Thank you, Abbott Laboratories, for proving once again, as Maine goes - so goes the nation!

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