We stumbled across a service were you can purchase video shotouts from celebrities. It's called Cameo, the offer shoutouts fromseveral B, C and D list celebrities, so don't expect George Clooney to be available.

You want Kathy Griffin? Probably not, especially for $599 for about 30 seconds, but she's available.

We noticed they even had a radio section, where a few radio personalities were doing shoutouts for the much more reasonable price of $10 to $20.

So, we thought, "Hey...we're radio personalities. Why do we do this for free?" It was a great idea until someone called and said we should do it for donation to Cans For a Cure, our annual fundraiser. An even better idea.

All we ask is that you pledge to donate to Cans For a Cure either in person at the Maine Mall parking lot October 10, 11 and 12 or making a cash donation. So, if you'd like a video shout out from Lori, Jeff and Lou, just fill out the form below, pledge your donation and keep an eye on your phone for your shoutout video.

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