...That's right, people. You could have Samuel L. Jackson in your very own home or office coming soon! Well, you could have his voice, at least. At the most recent amazon hardware reveal, the company announced that echo owners will be able to purchase Samuel L. Jackson's voice for hire later this year for only $0.99, in either profane or G-rated mode, according to Mashable.

That means you could stream the Q from your echo by asking SLJ to play Q97.9! It basically makes us famous by connection. Samuel didn't even have to record a bunch of lines that you'll hear over and over (because we all know you'd eventually get tired of his famous lines) - Amazon used neural text-to-speech technology to replicate the actor's voice, kinda like how the new Star Wars movies replicated deceased actor Peter Cushing's voice to bring him back as a character. Thankfully, Samuel L Jackson is still with us - but the technology sure saved him a lot of effort.

Will this mean we'll have to call our Alexas Samuel from now on? Unclear. Stay tuned to hear how this all works and what other celebrity voices you'll be able to have as your personal assistant!


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