The Oscars are Sunday, February 22nd at 8PM on ABC and we're all excited. We thought we'd test Lori's knowledge of Oscar winners by having Meredith describe them in a game called 'Who Dat Oscar?' 

The game is played by showing the home audience (that's you) the Oscar winner on a slip of paper that Lori than has to hold against her forehead while Meredith describes the person to her.

I asked what we should call the game and the girls thought "Who Dat Oscar?' was the perfect name. I don't get it, but whatever. It was fun, and Lori is pretty good.

Check back here at when the Academy Awards begin Sunday at 8PM and watch the show with me. I'll be live blogging during the show with snarky comments, rants about why someone didn't win and maybe sharing pictures of whatever I'll be eating that night because that's what the internet is for.

See you then!