We are proud to team up with our friend Bob Marley to present....CRONA WATCH 2020. A streaming event on New Year's Eve. Stay home and rip it hard Uncle Bobby and his brand new Stand-Up Special. Get it for yourself or give it as a gift!



bob approved



Crona Watch 2020! Laugh on NY's Eve with Uncle Bobby's NEW SPECIAL! CRONA WATCH 2020 WAS FILMED BEFORE A LIVE AUDIENCE ON SEPT 26, 2020! THIS IS A NEW STAND UP COMEDY SPECIAL THAT WE WILL BE STREAMING! You can watch it on your smart TV, computer or any device with a web browser! You will be sent an email with an access button and 9 digit code to your email address which can be used at 8PM EST New Year's Eve (Dec 31, 2020) or for 72hrs after that


Here's some classic Bob to get you pumped up for the NEW Stand-Up Special.



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