A couple left a 2,000 dollar tip at the Silver Street Tavern and Restaurant...


Saturday, during a busy evening at Silver Street, a couple anonymously left a 2,000 dollar tip on a 48 dollar bill!


According to the Portland Press Herald, it was an older couple. They even had something go wrong with a glass of wine picked up too early off their table. It was replaced, but at some point the man went to talk to the manager.

The manager would not give details of what was said, but did say it was one of the 'coolest conversations' he's ever had.

Well, that talk was about a 2,000 dollar tip to be split among the staff. It turns out each of the 14 staff got 140 dollars!

They really don't know why the generous tip was left, but everyone is so grateful for the gesture. One guess is that perhaps the gentleman once owned a restaurant and appreciated how hard the staff was working.

No matter what, it's a feel good story in a time when not every story is all that feel good. Thank you to the couple for making so many people happy when you stopped by. And thank you to the Silver Street Tavern for being a place that obviously makes people want to be generous...

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